When you look at the people in your organization, do you pat yourself on the back for bringing in the best and brightest? If you’ve done an incredible job hiring, that’s great! But even people who have historically been able to hire well based on their own impressions of candidates may need assistance sometimes. Even if your personal hiring judgment is spot on, here are a few reasons why you may need assistance from a hiring assessment:

  • Time. Your company is growing and there are only so many hours in the day. You can’t be there for every interview for every hire. Your time may be better spent doing other mission-critical work. While you are focusing on those tasks, an assessment can narrow the pool of candidates so you only spend your valuable time with the most ideal prospects.
  • Trust. Even if you trust others in your organization to do interviews and hiring, do you trust their gut to be the same as yours? And do all your employees value the same traits as each other? Probably not, which creates a lack of consistency across the board. An assessment can be more effective and consistent across the board.
  • Understanding. When companies are growing, you may be tasked with finding someone who has a skill set totally unlike yours. How do you know who to hire if you don’t completely understand the role? An assessment may help identify things about that person’s capabilities that you may not have insight into.

An assessment won’t tell you who to hire and who not to hire, but it will provide your business with a consistent way for you to look at candidates no matter who is doing the hiring. Ultimately, though, the decision will rest on a person responsible to make a final call—and if you’ve been great at hiring so far, it will only help you continue down that path!

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