About InVista: A Trusted Resource for Organizational Health

Your Partner for Human Capital Challenges

InVista is a division of an established company in the field of psychological assessment: PAR. For more than 45 years, PAR professionals have analyzed data, developed tests, and studied outcomes to provide valid, reliable assessment tools designed to help people live happier, healthier, and more productive lives. Several of our tests are the gold standards in their fields, and our customer support is the best in the industry.

That’s who we are at PAR. And it’s who we are at InVista, too.

About InVista: A Trusted Resource for Organizational Health

We Meet You Where You Are Right Now

With access to more than 45 years of assessment development experience , InVista has what it takes to support you in your human capital challenges and hiring decisions. Our best-in-class solutions will improve your organizational health and enhance employee performance. 

InVista understands that selecting and supporting employees who are both a good fit and good for the organization is crucial—not only for employee satisfaction, but also for the health, and ultimately the success—of the company.

We meet you where you are right now, whether you already use talent assessment tools, realize you need to start using them, or simply want to improve your hiring procedures.

All of this is done with the strictest adherence to legal, ethical, and professional guidelines and best industry practices to ensure the maximum utility for your organization along with minimal risk.

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For quick results to streamline your hiring procedures

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Professional Leadership Development Tools

Our team also provides ongoing employee support and development, including professional development, leadership development tools, and leadership team dynamics consulting.

Proprietary Organizational Wellbeing Survey

We know the wellbeing of your employees has a direct effect on the success of your business, and our proprietary organizational Wellbeing Survey provides a holistic view of your employees’ general wellbeing.

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Chris Kubisiak, PhD

Chris Kubisiak, PhD

Director, I/O Psychology Solutions

Your company relies on people – InVista helps you find and support the best people for your business.

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InVista tools help you optimize employee hiring, support employee development and protect employee wellbeing.


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