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Who is InVista?

InVista is a division of PAR.  PAR, founded in 1978, is a leading publisher, researcher, and developer of psychological and career tests. When you use InVista’s personality test, it is based on PAR’s test called the NEO, the gold standard test of general personality using the five-factor model.  InVista is supported by a highly educated staff of clinical and I/O psychologists. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you on your talent management initiatives.

I am looking for a free personality test, what are the advantages of paying for InVista support?

When making important decisions about hiring staff, it’s critical that the tools used be reliable and valid—in other words, supported by science and based on a solid foundation of research and expertise in the testing space.

In addition to access to the assessment tools, working with InVista provides support from our industry leading consultants with decades of experience in Human Capital and Talent Management. These are not easy areas to navigate, and we are here to help.

 Further, our assessments are built on PAR’s 45 years of experience and expertise in testing and test development.

Why is InVista the best personality test?

There is no “one size fits all” assessment solution in the testing space, and if someone tells you there is, proceed with caution. Assessment solutions are best evaluated in the context of how they are being used, who is using them, and the intended purpose. All InVista solutions are built on a sound rational and theoretical basis, leveraging decades of science, and the knowledge and experience of our staff. We are leveraging almost 50 years of science and knowledge as a division of PAR. Contact us today to see which of our solutions is right for you.

What is the science behind your personality assessment?

InVista’s personality assessment is based on the NEO, the gold standard in measures of the Five Factor model of personality. The NEO has decades of research supporting its use as a predictor of job performance and the Five Factor model has substantial literature supporting its use. In fact, it’s arguably the most researched model of personality.

Do I have to be certified to use InVista products with my new hires and employees?

No. Our solutions are designed to be used by busy hiring managers, business owners, and HR staff who want the scientific backing of a quality assessment without having to go through a certification process to understand how to use them.

You’ll have the support of our staff who are available to answer questions and help guide you through best practices in hiring and developing employees using our state-of-the-art assessments.

What size companies do you work with?

We work with companies of all sizes but specialize in providing solutions for small to medium sized business. Our goal is to provide human capital solutions to organizations that don’t have the staff, time, or expertise to develop them in-house.

Does InVista offer a role specific assessment?

InVista understands the value of role specific assessments for managing your talent. To support you, we are creating a collection of role-specific reports that are based on our personality assessment.  These tools provide scoring geared specifically to particular roles, such as customer service, sales, hospitality, and other job families, as well as feedback and recommendations written directly with the unique aspects of those roles in mind. To learn more about how InVista can help save you time in selecting the right people to fill your jobs, please submit your contact information.

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