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Get it Right the First Time

Use the power of science to find candidates who fit

The “Great Resignation” has resulted in a great opportunity for many people—and for businesses like yours to find top talent.  

But you need to get it right. A bad hire can hurt team morale, reduce productivity, damage your organization’s reputation—and ultimately impact your business and your bottom line.

You need to confidently determine whether your candidate not only has the skills and abilities needed for the role but also that they will fit with the team; mesh well with the culture; and be resilient, reliable, and adaptable.

InVista gives you the confidence to get it right the first time. 

A bad hire can cost your business up to 33% of an employee’s wage. Emplify, 2020

Hiring the wrong candidate can hurt team morale, reduce productivity, damage your organization’s reputation, and ultimately impact your bottom line.

Don’t Rely on Instinct Alone

How can you know if your candidate has what it takes? Many job applicants look great on paper, and they may even check all the blocks during an interview. But the stakes are too high to rely on instinct alone. You need a tool proven to predict job performance that will help you make confident hiring decisions. You need InVista.

InVista offers pre-employment assessment tools that equip you with valid, reliable, and accurate information so you can make data-driven hiring decisions and select the right candidate the first time.

Our Pre-Employment Assessment Options Include:


Role-Specific Solutions

Off-the-shelf tools for specific job types, including customer service, remote/hybrid, and hospitality.

Tailored Assessment Solutions

Custom tools tailored to your business needs.

Assessment and Interview Guide Packages

Off-the-shelf tools to designed to be used together to ensure objective, consistent hiring.

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InVista Products

InVista tools help you optimize employee hiring, support employee development and protect employee wellbeing.


Personality Assessment

Role-Specific Assessments

Tailored Assessments


Interview Guides

Leadership Development Guide

Wellbeing Survey