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You’ve heard it before:
Your employees are your greatest asset.

That has never been more true than it is right now, when millions of workers are re-evaluating the workplace—and their role in it. A desire for remote work, aspirations toward work that is more meaningful, and work-life balance concerns are redefining priorities.

Record numbers of employees are making changes—and making a statement.

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    Clients do not come first.
    Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.
    – Richard Branson, CEO and founder of Virgin Group

    So how can you keep your employees more engaged, more productive, and more satisfied with their work—and less likely to quit?

    Nearly half of workers in a 2020 poll said they were looking for another job because their company wasn’t maximizing their skills and abilities. You may have employees already in-house who are capable of doing more, like leading a team, managing staff—potentially even moving to the C-suite. How can you really know who is right for these roles?

    InVista offers a variety of leadership and development solutions to help you identify employees with potential and confidently provide them with opportunities that maximize their personal and professional development to optimize your most valuable assets—your people.

    Engaged but burned out?

    When your employees struggle with their wellbeing, your business struggles. General wellbeing encompasses several attributes, and to measure it you need something more comprehensive than an engagement survey.

    InVista Wellbeing digs deeper to investigate why and where employees struggle so you can offer targeted resources that help your employees—and your business—stay on track.


    of employees who are looking for a new job say they feel their company is not maximizing their skills and abilities.

     Deloitte 2020

    1 in 3

    workers left their job because they feel their employer did not care about them.

    Limeade 2020

    Only 1 in 4

    workers says their employer allowed them to grow.


    feel like they are “on their own” for career development in their company.

    Business Insider, 2019

    InVista Tools for Current Employees Include:


    Leadership and Development

    Identify existing skills and abilities in your staff and confidently develop and promote from within.



    From physical health concerns and increased stress to financial stability, employee wellbeing has an effect on your business. Our wellbeing survey helps you help them. 

    InVista can help you identify leaders and protect employee wellbeing. 

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    InVista solutions assist talent management, HR, and C-suite professionals in hiring the right candidates and supporting employee development.

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