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The Questions—and Answers—You Need

Interview guides that get beneath the surface and beyond personality

Effective interviewing is a necessary component to optimize your talent strategy and get the most well-rounded picture of potential candidates.

The InVista Select: Personality talent assessment tool helps you narrow down your candidate pool. But assessment alone isn’t enough to make a hiring decision. You also need to conduct candidate interviews.

It can be easy for these interviews to fall into a pattern of generic questions followed, often, by rehearsed answers. And sometimes, hiring managers use stock questions they’re comfortable with but that may not really get at actionable information. Does a question like “Where do you see yourself in five years?” really tell you if a person is right for your role?

InVista Interview Guides

InVista Select Interview Guides

Role-Related Questions That Provide Information You Need

Break out of these types of questions and get the information you need from your candidates in a consistent, repeatable manner with InVista’s Interview Guides. These guides were developed to supplement and be used in conjunction with your InVista pre-employment assessment results. Each guide contains five to seven questions that coordinate with the InVista assessment tool (e.g., personality, role-specific, or leadership) being used.

They are designed to get to the information you need to make a confident hire by asking specific and role-related questions. Detailed benchmarks, a clear scoring matrix, and scoring worksheets help you gauge each response—and each candidate.

New Hire Personality Assessments

InVista Interview Guides Provide: 


Detailed Benchmarks

Find out at a glance if your candidates meet your criteria.

Scoring Matrix

See how your candidates stack up against your needs and against other candidates.

Scoring Worksheets

Keep your interview information organized and get clear results quickly.

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