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Hiring is Hard

Make it easier with InVista’s proven pre-employment assessments

You know what you’re looking for in an employee, and you already know good employees are harder to find—and keep—than ever before.

Use Data to Predict Job Performance

Your decisions about hiring in today’s market are crucial. Pre-employment assessments can make it easier by using data to predict job performance.

But how do you select the right assessments? Some use four-factor models, some have in-depth reports, and others offer abbreviated summaries. Unless you’re a trained professional, these differences can be confusing, impossible to quantify, and difficult to narrow down. This becomes harder still when you try to compare purchasing options that often include license, subscription, and other individual options.

It can take days to research, weeks to schedule demos to compare products, and even longer to implement and learn the system, reports, and platform.

The process is daunting.
You deserve better.



Cost of employee turnover in the U.S. is $630 billion.

Work Institute, 2020

cost of employee turnover


Cost to replace an employee is 33% of their annual salary

Emplify, 2020

Scientifically Sound

The science behind our assessments is universally recognized, legally defensible, and based on the most widely accepted and validated model of personality—the Five-Factor Model of Personality (the Big Five). Studies show it is a highly reliable and valid predictor of job performance and risk of turnover, and the gold-standard Big Five assessment is published by our parent company, PAR.

Clear Price

We don’t have secret pricing models with hidden fees. We respect your time too much to play those games. You don’t have to sit through a lengthy demo, then wait days for a proposal to find out whether we fit into your budget. No one has time for that. Whether you need one assessment or one thousand, our goal is to help position your talent acquisition process for success.

Easy and Efficient Implementation

We know your time is valuable and you need answers quickly. No need to sit through special training or sift through pages of reports to get the information you need. Our platform is user-friendly, intuitive, and optimized for mobile use. And the InVista Select Personality Report gives you a clear hiring recommendation along with candidate scores and brief descriptions of how the five factors relate to job success. With as little as one call, you can be using our talent assessment in days—not weeks.

Have more specific hiring needs?

Other tools in the InVista Select Personality toolbox include:

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InVista Select Personality: Role-Specific

Hiring for customer service, remote/hybrid, or hospitality roles?

InVista Select Personality: Tailored

Fully customized options include job analysis and tailored pre-employment assessment.

Find out how InVista Select Personality assessment tools can help your business.

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