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InVista’s Screening and Staff Development Tools Help You Hire Confidently and Retain Successfully 

InVista helps you hire and retain top talent

As a talent management, HR, or C-suite professional, hiring the right candidates and supporting employee development affects your bottom line. There are many options to assist you in evaluating the talent pool and developing your staff, but InVista Insights stands above the rest. We do more than offer you simple feedback—we provide you with a scientifically backed personality assessment, robust data, actionable recommendations, and valuable insights. As a division of PAR, we have been supporting employers since 1978 with assessments and research.

Staff Hiring and Management Solutions You Can Rely on

  • InVista Select—The personality assessment is the backbone of Select, which identifies key indicators not always detected through the interview process. Simply assign the candidate their online assessment and after completion, you receive a report on personality along with management considerations and a structured interview guide. Use the assessment results to help you predict the best candidates to move through the interview process. Save time by highlighting those that are the best fit.
  • InVista Develop—Utilizing the same online personality assessment, your current employees receive their own feedback report containing rich information to plan their own development, either independently or with their manager. HR also receives their own report providing valuable insights to support employee growth. Identify existing skills and abilities in your staff and confidently develop and promote from within.
  • InVista Select+Develop—Hire and retain employees as you combine the support received from both Select and Develop.

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    Solutions to Help You Hire and Develop the Best Team

    From assessments to structured interview guides and candidate reports, you select the services you need to support your hiring decisions or focus on areas where your employees need to grow.

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    Use Science to Predict Staff Success

    Your employees are the backbone of your company and are critical to your path forward. InVista Insights can help you hire the right people and identify current employees ready to take on a larger role. With a suite of proven assessments, reports, and other tools, let us create your roadmap to take your staff to the next level.

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    InVista has industry leading consultants with decades of experience in new hiring assessments and employee development.


    InVista Products

    InVista solutions assist talent management, HR, and C-suite professionals in hiring the right candidates and supporting employee development.

    Hiring and Employee Development Solutions

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