I need to...

make more confident hiring decisions

Hire the right talent.

Grow the right leaders.

Protect your best assets.

Take the guesswork out of your new hire and team development strategy.

Hire the right talent.

Grow the right leaders.

Protect your best assets.

Take the guesswork out of your talent strategy.

Your talent strategy must be more than filling open jobs with qualified candidates. If it were that easy, you’d give a skills test, negotiate a salary, and fill your openings. Your new hire process must be focused on finding candidates who will fit with your team, enjoy their work, and be likely to stick around. These aren’t things you can easily gauge from a resume or even an interview.

These are the things InVista measures.

make better hiring decisions
employee leadership and development

InVista’s proven suite of new hire and staff development tools is based on the well-researched and scientifically supported Big Five personality theory. The Big Five consists of five key aspects of personality that can be used as a reliable, valid predictor of job performance and risk of turnover. When your new hire candidates or current staff take our personality assessment, you get actionable, reliable, and trusted information, based on data.

We help you reduce hiring time and the effort needed to retain and develop your team.


Take the guesswork out of your new hire process and select the right candidate the first time.

Our pre-employment solutions equip you with robust information about candidate personalities that identifies their strengths and predicts how they will interact with the team so you can make confident, data-driven hiring decisions.


Keep your employees engaged, productive, and satisfied with their work.

Our leadership and development solutions identify existing talent in your staff to incorporate succession management and confidently promote from within.

Step up to a whole new level of intelligent decision-making. Elevate your game by partnering with InVista today.

make more confident hiring decisions

improve employee morale

build my employees into effective leaders

screen candidates to find the best match to my role

improve the team dynamic in my organization

make sure my employees have work/life balance

prevent employee burnout and improve retention

gain insights into my talent pool

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