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Evaluate precisely for specific roles to find the right person-role-organization fit

Some roles require specific types of candidates, and InVista has tools proven to help you find them.

InVista Select Personality

Role-Specific Assessments

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Off-The-Shelf Tools Focused on Specific Role Needs

InVista Select Personality Role-Specific assessments are off-the-shelf tools that measure personality traits shown to lead to success in specific types of jobs like customer service, remote or hybrid work environments, hospitality, and more.

The InVista Select Personality solution uses the Five-Factor Model of Personality at a broad level, while our role-specific options provide a more focused look at key factors needed for success in specific roles.

InVista Role-Specific Assessment Tools Include:


Customer Service

Focuses on key aspects of personality related to high performance in fast-paced, service-oriented environments.


Focuses on key aspects of personality related to communication, collaboration, and independence.


Focuses on key aspects of personality related to high performance in hotel, restaurant, or entertainment job settings.

Find out how InVista Select Personality Role-Specific assessment tools can help your business.

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