As we begin 2024, companies everywhere are looking for any way to give themselves an edge in hiring and retention during the year to come. Will this new year represent challenges or opportunities for employers? And what can your organization do to get ahead? Here are some trends that you may want to learn more about—or even incorporate into your hiring process—in the coming year.

Early career hiring expansion

Many organizations are looking to expand their early career hiring strategies. Companies looking to fill roles need individuals with particular skills—and sometimes reaching out to graduates and those from nontraditional education setups can get more candidates into your pipeline. 

To bring in different talents and meet the novel expectations of young workers, organizations are going to have to create personalized outreach. A recent survey showed that 77% of students prefer to join companies that proactively and personally reach out to them.

Furthermore, early career candidates today want to work in places that strongly focus on empathy, emotional intelligence, and mental well-being. If your organization already makes these things a focus, it’s important to bring that messaging into your hiring process—it may help encourage more candidates to head your way!

Return to office policies

Despite the prevalent remote work culture, 2024 may see a significant return to office spaces. Studies indicate that 90% of employers plan to implement a return-to-office policy. 

Companies that allow hybrid or remote work  policies will need to work on creating fair remote work policies. That means developing appropriate policies for all candidates and ensuring their criteria are consistent. Will returning to more in-person work be a challenge when filling new roles? 

Addressing evolving workplace dynamics

The employment landscape 2024 will witness pivotal changes, including Gen Z workers dominating the full-time workforce, prompting employers to cater to their preferences for transparent leadership, community connections, and diversity and inclusion.

Though the labor market shows signs of stabilization, caution prevails. Wage growth might slow, but the need to retain talent persists. Employers who are focused on recruiting and retaining talent may find the need to invest in employee experience (EX) to ensure a strong culture, positive energy, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.

Key takeaways

HR managers must adopt a multifaceted approach to navigate the HR trends in 2024. Although the new year is set to bring many opportunities, HR professionals must maintain vigilance, adaptability, and a people-centric approach in order to succeed.

By keeping up with evolving trends, HR managers can proactively shape their strategies to capitalize on opportunities and navigate the challenges that lie ahead in 2024.

What trends are you keeping your eye on for this year? InVista can help you meet your goals!

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