This is the time of year when people look back on the year that was and start making plans for the coming year. InVista is reflecting on some of the topics we focused on in 2023. In case you missed it, here are some highlights from this year and a few things to look back on while you are planning your 2024 recruitment strategy.

A focus on upskilling. Instead of looking outside your organization to fill open roles, upskilling may help you provide new challenges to people who you already know and trust. Most organizations simply can’t afford to lose their most reliable and effective workers, so providing new challenges can be mutually beneficial.

Alternative strategies for recruiting candidates. Recruiting can be challenging, so we spent some time investigating creative ways to get more candidates into your pipeline. Whether it was using the size of your small business as a way to bring in top talent, building relationships with passive jobseekers, or engaging with artificial intelligence to make your process run more smoothly, creativity was the name of the game.

A spotlight on DEIB initiatives. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging were truly at the forefront of many initiatives for human resources staff. Understanding how HR leaders can create transformational change for women, break barriers to make a more equitable workplace, or reduce the impact of ageism in hiring, InVista provided important guidance on the topics most important to you.

The importance of prehire assessments. Prehire assessments can be a good way to assist your HR team in focusing on the best candidates. But not all personality assessments are equal. It is crucial to understand why you should incorporate a prehire test and what information it may provide.

The adoption of structural interview techniques. Interviewing well is a skill, but it’s hard to evaluate individual candidates accurately unless you build out your interview process in a strategic and thoughtful way. Adopting a structured interview process and training hiring managers to use it effectively can result in reducing bias and making better hiring decisions.


Which of these trends were you successful with this past year? Which will you build on in the coming year? No matter where your talent strategy takes you in 2024, InVista can help!



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