As we look to a new year, business leaders everywhere are trying to determine what the coming year will bring. Below, we gathered insight from a variety of executives on what they foresee in hiring, recruitment, and retention trends for the coming year. Gain some insight into what others in the field are thinking as we look into this new year. What are you focusing on for retention and recruitment in 2024?

Prioritizing employee engagement

“While hiring will be a priority next year, managers shouldn’t lose sight of their current teams. Now is the time to prioritize employee engagement and retention to avoid turnover and loss of productivity. Routinely researching and adjusting compensation levels, offering flexible work, and implementing policies to alleviate burnout are all effective strategies.”

–Dawn Fay, operational president of Robert Half

Relying on fractional leadership to fill gaps

“On the demand side, many companies have come to recognize that there are strategically important roles that are necessary for the execution of their growth strategy—but not necessarily in an [full time] capacity, and that often having experience from outside the organization offers increased value,”

–John Healy, chief executive with Whrrr Work

Focusing on gender equity

Heading into 2024, beefing up your employer branding around mentorship, mental health, and overall connectivity could meet these needs and support a more gender-equitable leadership pipeline. 

–Ursula Mead, cofounder of InHerSIght

Emphasizing employee development and retention

“Organizations can play an active part in driving employee retention by making sure that employees feel fulfilled in their jobs. Learning and development tools like digital coaching can boost employee satisfaction, as individuals feel that their employer is investing in their success.”

–Rosie Evans-Krimme, Director Innovation Lab & Behavioural Science, CoachHub


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