Your team is growing—and you’ve got two great candidates to choose between. And, if you are lucky, maybe you don’t just have two great candidates who want to become team members—maybe you have 10, 20, or 100. How do you identify the top talent—not just people who will have the skills and abilities to do the job, but those who will fit your company culture and become valuable additions to your organization? This is where a talent assessment tool can help! 

What do prehire assessments measure? 

Talent assessments can help you determine much more than what is on a résumé. Prehire assessment tools can help provide an accurate depiction of a candidate’s work personality. They can identify strengths, predict how they will interact with the team, and much more.  

Organizations that use prehire assessment tools get insights into a candidate’s workplace personality, uncovering data points beyond the résumé about who they will be once they are in seat. This will help narrow your focus to only the candidates that best fit your team—making your hiring process more efficient. 

What other benefits are there to using a talent management tool? 

Talent assessment tools can also help your organization remove bias that may interfere with the hiring process. A prehire assessment can help you to create a fairer candidate experience that can effect and promote diversity.  

 What happens if you hire the wrong person? 

A bad hire can hurt team morale, reduce productivity, damage your organization’s reputation—and ultimately impact your business and your bottom line. Pre-employment testing can help you avoid those pitfalls. 

A reliable and scientifically valid talent management tool can help you take the guesswork out of hiring. Learn more about how InVista can help your team find the right candidate the first time! 

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