The technology that keeps us connected has also contributed to issues supporting a healthy work–life balance. Employees who are struggling are not all grappling with the same thing, so it is important to keep in mind the range of challenges people may be facing. Here are some resources on how to help employees with this new reality, whether that means the scales are tipped too much toward work or too much toward life!

More hours, fewer boundaries. Whether people feel pressure to prove they are working or simply feel like they cannot escape work when it’s right there in their bedroom, there has been evidence that productivity is up during the pandemic (though they’ve acknowledged that maybe that is because no one has anywhere to go). With nearly half of workers saying they are burnt out, this article provides insight on why it is important to address these issues before they become invasive.

Creating structure from chaos. For those who struggle with distraction while working from home, here are some tips that can help build a structure similar to the one left behind at your workplace. By creating a routine, employees can create an outline for the day that will help keep them on task, just like in the office!

Feeling like the days are blurring together. Whether suffering from Zoom fatigue (it’s real!) or stressing because email is coming in 24/7, nearly half of employees report feeling burnt out. But just because you may not always be able to remember what day it is, it doesn’t mean that every day is a workday. Here’s some advice on carving out time to recharge.

Integrating parenting with worklife. Transitioning back to work with an infant was tough enough, but now that many people are left without childcare, it has become an increasingly fraught situation. This article helps parents of infants and toddlers manage work schedules while caring for small kids. This can mean aligning the most complex projects during naptime, taking calls while pushing a stroller, or even setting up a keyboard so baby can “work,” too.

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