As businesses begin the process of reopening, employees from every industry are looking at returning to a very different kind of workplace. Here are some of our favorite tips on how to handle the transition back to work.

Preparing the building

Where to start? This webinar from Cushman & Wakefield’s Recovery Readiness Task Force discusses issues such as how to get your building ready for a return to work, how to control access, ideas on how to reduce physical touch points, and more.

How to enforce the six-foot rule? This new normal isn’t going to change any time soon, so we must adapt our office spaces. This article gives some great tips to increase the safety of your working environment (like suggestions on traffic flow and visual reminders for routing) while reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

Preparing the workforce

How to determine who should return to work and when? Bringing people back to work while keeping their needs in mind can be tricky—employees may be hesitant to return, others may be ready to come back. This article addresses issues such as to whether you require individuals to return versus ask them to return, as well as how to handle employees with caretaking obligations or those who may be at higher risk.

How do you communicate changes to employees? This toolkit addresses everything from the tone to take in your corporate communications to how and where to affix signage about appropriate social distancing.

Planning for what’s next

What does a post-pandemic workplace like? Whether you are concerned about monitoring employee health, determining if it is safe to resume business travel, or concerned about privacy compliance with testing, this article provides some guidance.

How to go about screening and business continuity plans going forward? Once you’ve moved desks to a social distance, limited interactions, and implemented flexed shifts, what does the future hold when it comes to screening protocols? Wearing PPE, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, and creating a safety communication plan are all addressed.

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