As someone responsible for hiring in your organization, you know how difficult it is to adjust your hiring practices to the ebbs and flows of the labor market. In a tight market, you may feel pressure to fill roles quickly, without the careful consideration you would otherwise use. But you know the drawbacks of hiring carelessly. Eventually, hasty hires will reveal themselves to be a poor fit for your organization or the role—resulting in wasted time, unnecessary hassle, and potential emotional damage to the parties involved.

But you still have to find the right person quickly. You need a tool that works efficiently and provides accurate, actionable information at the same time. Based on the InVista Select: Personality Assessment, the InVista Select: Personality Candidate Report is designed to give you the information you need to hire the right employees and help them succeed once on board.

  • Based on the gold-standard NEO personality test, which uses five aspects of personality proven in the literature to be linked to job success: agreeableness, conscientiousness, even-temperedness, extraversion, and openness.
  • Provides an immediate hiring recommendation and a snapshot of candidates’ overall scores on the five NEO factors, along with personality facet summaries and customized management considerations.
  • Predicts how candidates will likely behave, perform, and interact with others in a work setting.
  • Allows you to screen candidates quickly and efficiently, compare candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, and make valid, consistent, science-based hiring decisions.
  • Completely digital via an easy-to-use online platform; available in both web-based and downloadable, printable formats.
  • Designed to be easy to navigate and interpret at a glance.
  • Provides actionable guidance regarding what you can expect from the employee in the workplace and suggestions for how best to manage them.
  • Comes with supplemental materials and reference guides, including a comprehensive structured interview guide.

It’s important to ensure your hiring practices are fair and equitable. Using standardized assessments for hiring allows for a more consistent process and more reliable results, even across different hiring managers and different roles. In addition, because the assessment and report are offered digitally, you’ll maintain consistency in your hiring process even within remote or hybrid work environments.

See why so many companies trust InVista as their reliable partner for hiring. InVista offers role-specific solutions and advanced interview guides to help support your hiring process. And look for more from the InVista Select product line in the future, when we’ll be developing even more solutions to support various hiring needs.





















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