InVista is thrilled to announce our new strategic partnership with QuantHub, a leading data skills development and hiring platform.

This new partnership can help you take a data-driven approach to building teams. By combining InVista’s talent and wellbeing solutions with QuantHub’s skills evaluation platform, companies will be able to select, retain, and develop employees who are ready to take on the future.

“Through this partnership with QuantHub, we will be able to provide even better insights to our clients,” said Kristin Greco, InVista CEO. “Together, we can help our clients identify the ideal employees for their needs, creating an environment where both employees and businesses can thrive.”

InVista offers talent assessment and wellbeing solutions that help organizations make better hiring decisions, retain talent, develop the right leaders, support employees, and reach full potential. QuantHub helps companies deliver on the power of artificial intelligence by providing tools to hire and upskill a high-performing workforce. Together, QuantHub’s custom skill assessments and InVista’s talent insights will make it easy for companies to evaluate employees and prospective candidates.

“QuantHub is thrilled to partner with InVista,” said Matt Cowell, QuantHub CEO. “We are focused on aligning with partners that help companies take a data-driven approach to building great organizations. Through this partnership, we will help companies build world-class teams.”






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