What is I/O psychology? 

Industrial–organizational psychology, or I/O psychology, is the field of study that focuses on human behavior in organizations and in the workplace. Unlike other types of psychologists, I/O psychologists focus specifically on work-related behavior and strive to make the workplace better. I/O psychologists use science to analyze workplace problems and assess their impact. 

How do I/O psychologists improve the workplace? 

I/O psychologists seek to improve the workplace in a number of different ways by applying the study of psychology to address workplace concerns such as employee satisfaction, selection and promotions, stigma and bias, professional development, executive coaching, and beyond. They may conduct research, work with organizations directly, or design assessments and surveys. Their work can involve all areas of the workplace, from initial interviewing to onboarding, training, development, encouraging equity and diversity, studying work–life balance, assessing motivation, and more. Essentially, if there is a topic that affects work and the people who do it, an I/O is interested in studying it!   

Where do I/O psychologists work? 

EVERYWHERE! I/O psychologists can work for consulting firms, in academia, in industry, and for the government. Whether they are employed by search firms, corporations of any size, colleges and universities, or somewhere else, I/O psychologists can work for any organization interested in addressing issues related to work and people who work. And of course, they work here at InVista. 

I/O psychologists hold postgraduate degreesmaster’s and doctorates—that help them gain specialized expertise and understanding in human behavior, the workplace, measurement, and more. 

You may even know an I/O psychologist and not realize it—many I/O psychologists have job titles like behavioral analyst, talent management specialist, human resources leader, organizational development analyst, or test and measurement expert. 

How can I/O psychologists help my organization? 

Whether you are interested in optimizing your hiring process, supporting employee growth, or protecting your employees’ wellbeing, an I/O psychologist can help! At InVista, our I/O team specializes in creating  assessment instruments and tools that use the science of personality to find candidates who fit—giving you the ability to hire with confidence. 
Want to learn how you can easily incorporate I/O psychology into your workplace? Learn how InVista can provide you with the tools and resources to get your company on the road to becoming a top workplace in 2022 and beyond. 

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