Your business cannot thrive if your employees are struggling. And in this climate of stress and uncertainty, it’s become even more important to focus on the emotional health of those you work with. Here are a few articles we’ve selected to help understand the stress and anxiety many employees are facing and how you can encourage emotional well-being.

Psychological impact: This piece offers a look at the psychological impact of working remotely during a pandemic. It discusses issues ranging from how the rapid shift to remote work may lead to feelings of work overload and isolation to concerns facing parents on how to mentally disconnect to maintain a healthy work–life balance.

Setting the tone: Wondering how you can manage your employees’ health and well-being (while you yourself may be struggling with similar issues)? Here are four key strategies that will assist you in being there for the needs of your employees to ensure they are supported and productive. One example, define your own boundaries and preferences regarding work hours, response times, and family obligations. Then project a consistency in your ability to adhere to these boundaries.

Readying your organization: In light of the pandemic, many people who don’t have a public health background are being asked to make decisions that they don’t feel they are trained to make. However, many skills you do have can be valuable during this time, such as selection and placement expertise, training skills, and understanding of emotional well-being. This article explains how many varying skill sets can be useful when managing during a pandemic.

Managing stress: When people are stressed, negative personality traits are more likely to surface. This article explains some behaviors you may be seeing, explains what is at the root of them, and puts in place coping strategies to help.

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