Workers who are dedicated, invigorated, and immersed in their work are an important element in creating a positive work environment. People are engaged and energized perform better and help organizations to reach their goals. But how do you encourage a culture of engagement? Here’s some advice from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP).

Cultivate attitudes and behaviors of engagement. This white paper discusses both the mental and physical ways that you can tell you have an engaged workforce. It also goes on to explain how levels of engagement may flux throughout the day or by task. This article provides tips on how to cultivate engagement , such as increasing the amount of feedback employees receive, helping staff to see how their tasks are significant overall, and encouraging employees to take short breaks to recover their level of engagement.

Know that what works in person may need to be adapted at home. Although your management team may have plenty of experience, many of their in-office traits may need to alter and adjust when the team is working remotely. Encourage managers to set boundaries, practice self-care, and be extra understanding that some employees may have a harder time adjusting to working remotely than others. More than anything, though, they are being looked to provide leadership and motivation. This article provides tips that will improve employee engagement and help create a motivated workforce.

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