Now that many people have found they can work from nearly anywhere, the boundaries between work and personal lives have blurred. Although everyone knows it is essential to strive for a healthy work–life balance, many people find it increasingly more difficult to do so. Here’s some great advice we’ve culled from experts in the field on how you can promote a healthy balance to your employees.

What is balance really? This article discusses what balance is and provides evidence that family-friendly policies actually pay dividends by attracting better workers, increasing job satisfaction, and improving productivity. Some strategies include family-friendly policies and how to train management to walk the walk are included.

How do you promote a healthy work–life culture? In this white paper, the authors looks at policies organizations and departments can make to promote a positive work–life culture, such as telecommuting, flexible work options, incentives for using vacation time, and setting evening limits on email correspondence. A special point is made that oftentimes people only think of work–life balance regarding women with children, when it is equally as important for men, singles, and couples without children.

How do you prevent spillover? Especially now, when many people who were not used to working remotely have been thrust into telecommuting without much planning, spillover between work and life can feel inevitable. But creating mental boundaries between home and work as well as taking microbreaks between tasks can curb some of the tension when you are living and working in the same space.

How do you mix remote work with childcare? Well, until now, they didn’t mix well. This article addresses the needs of employees who may be balancing their jobs with their role as parents. The number one takeaway: this is an unprecedented situation and trying to hide how difficult it is can only make it worse.

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