As remote work becomes more the norm, the need to interview people who are not in your location grows. Recruiters and hiring managers must have the skills to make online interviews as productive as in-person interviews. Here are some tips to help you navigate the complexity of an online hiring environment:

Avoid distraction

When conducting a remote interview, be sure to remove as many interruptions as possible. Whether that means locking your door, turning off notifications on your phone or computer, or moving your keyboard away so you aren’t tempted to multitask during the conversation, give yourself the best opportunity to focus on the conversation at hand. Also, make sure to test your technology in advance so there are no surprises!

Be expressive

It is much harder to read body language over a Zoom screen, so it’s important to focus on what you can control. Look into the camera, sit up straight, and be clear in your communication. Smiling, leaning forward, and nodding all go a long way toward making the person you are talking to know you are engaged in active listening.

Explain company culture

When people visit your office, they may be able to pick up hints of your company culture, which they may not be able to judge as clearly from an online interview. So be sure to clearly explain the culture of your organization using descriptive adjectives—not just buzzwords.

Clean your desk

Although working from home has merged work and life in new and unique ways, a potential new employee doesn’t need to see your literal dirty laundry. In addition to having a clean background free from distraction, it’s also important to move any clutter off your desk.

Dress the part

Shelve the sweats and athleisure if you will be conducting a remote interview. You will never go wrong dressing as you would if you were going to interview in person. And stay away from busy patterns in favor of neutrals—this way the focus will be on you.

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