As businesses realize the importance of building diverse teams, the issue of diversity in hiring has taken center stage. Finding the best person for the role while addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion can be challenging—which is why using a prehire assessment can help.  

According to InVista’s Chris Kubisiak, PhD, Director of I/O Psychology Solutions, if an assessment is developed correctly, it can provide you with insight you might not necessarily have had otherwise.   

“You may just click better with someone who is more like you,” says Kubisiak. “Your gut may not be able to relate to someone or understand them in the same way because of potential differences between yourself and those individuals. Assessments can create a much more level playing field.”  

According to Kubisiak, the upside of using an assessment to hire a more diverse workforce pays dividends when it comes to problem solving, outreach, and new ways of looking at your business. If an assessment leads you to hire people who you may not initially have thought to bring onto the staff, it can imbue your team with a variety of experience, opinions, and perspectives that can only enrich your organization. By encouraging diversity within your team, you can nurture new perspectives on the business that you may not be able to achieve if you continually hire people with similar backgrounds and life experiences.  

InVista can help you optimize your hiring process. Learn more about our offerings.  

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