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InVista uses a revolutionary SaaS-based personality assessment platform to deliver unparalleled analytics and insights into your candidates. The data can help ensure a fair and equitable recruiting process.  

Rely on InVista Select’s personality assessment solution to help you choose the best candidate. A bad hire can hurt team morale, reduce productivity, damage your organization’s reputation—and ultimately impact your business and your bottom line.

You need to confidently determine whether your candidate not only has the skills and abilities needed for the role but also that they will fit with the team; mesh well with the culture; and be resilient, reliable, and adaptable. The structured interview guide, reference guides, and the candidate report all offer you valuable intelligence to couple with the results of the online new hire assessment.

InVista Select gives you the data and the insight to hire right the first time. 

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    A bad hire can cost your business up to 33% of an employee’s wage. Emplify, 2020

    Hiring the wrong candidate can hurt team morale, reduce productivity, damage your organization’s reputation, and ultimately impact your bottom line.

    A Pre-Employment Personality Assessment — Use Science Rather than Instinct

    How can you know if your candidate has what it takes? Many job applicants look great on paper, and they may even check all the blocks during an interview. But the stakes are too high to rely on instinct alone. You need a personality assessment solution proven to predict job performance that will help you make confident hiring decisions. You need InVista Select.

    InVista offers pre-employment assessment tools based on the Big Five personality theory. Equip yourself with valid, reliable, and accurate information so you can make data-driven hiring decisions and select the right candidate the first time.

    Why is InVista the best pre-hire personality assessment solution?

    We are leveraging almost 50 years of science and psychological research as a division of PAR.


    Our Pre-Employment Assessment Options Include:


    Tailored Assessment Solutions

    Custom tools tailored to your business needs.

    Assessment and Interview Guide Packages

    Off-the-shelf tools to designed to be used together to ensure objective, consistent hiring.

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