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The Core of InVista Wellbeing

The Core of InVista Wellbeing

Using your data and our insights, we recommend next steps that help you enact change, improve productivity, and enhance work–life balance. InVista experts, along with our vetted, strategic partners, work with you to provide practical solutions such as implementation plans, webinars, resource guides, and short informational videos and programs—all tailored to your needs.

InVista Insights is unique in that we don’t just uncover concerns with wellbeing in your organization—we help you take steps to fix it.

The InVista Wellbeing Executive Summary Report provides company leadership with a clear and detailed picture of the state of their employees’ wellbeing. Our experts conduct a comprehensive and systematic analysis of assessment data to uncover employee strengths, weaknesses, and resilience and help you make informed decisions to enact change, improve productivity, and enhance work–life balance. Your custom report features a series of graphics that illustrate multiple aspects of your employees’ wellbeing data along with detailed insights and customized solution recommendations. 

  • Work-Life Balance 68% 68%
  • Fairness 60% 60%
  • Anxiety 50% 50%

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Survey & Assessment

We assesses what your organization needs to know to reduce burnout and turnover and improve employee wellbeing. More than 40 years of assessment experience combined with extensive business and clinical expertise allows us to delve into the emotional and professional components of wellbeing. Our assessment tools examine sensitive and personal topics in a professional, confidential, and business-appropriate manner.


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Analytics & Insights

Our experience helps us understand what your employees are struggling with on a deeper level beyond simply “feeling overwhelmed” or “lacking work-life balance.” We work to discover what affects their wellbeing, such as levels of stress and anxiety, lack of resilience or fulfillment, difficulties with interpersonal relations, and perceptions of fairness. This information is thoroughly analyzed, and our powerful insights are presented to you in a comprehensive executive report that helps inform next steps.

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Recommendations & Partnerships

We use your data and our insights to recommend customized solutions provided by InVista experts and our proven partners that will not only enhance employee wellbeing but will also ensure that your organization is implementing resources strategically.

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