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Should I give all our employees a personality type test?

Yes.  In the same way that understanding more about your job candidates is helpful to anticipating how they will engage with their coworkers, knowing your employees’ personality profiles can be of benefit, as well. This can support employee training, developmental planning, feedback discussion with managers, and other talent management functions.

I need help with talent development, what can InVista Develop do for me?

The results of the personality test are a critical base for conversations between the employee and the manager.  Insights can be used to highlight training opportunities, create professional development goals, and uncover personal habits that impact team dynamics and work performance.

After your team member takes the personality assessment, both a Candidate Report and an Employee Feedback report are generated.

  • The Employee Feedback Report is written for the employee to gain insights about themselves, this is a key feature of InVista Develop. The manager will also have access to the results in the Candidate Report.  The value lies in the fact that the manager and the individual are both looking at the same information about the individual based on the same personality test.  Both parties come to the information from different reports.
  • The manager can take the information and have a development discussion with their employee. The information may help in the setting of goals, uncovering areas of improvement, working toward a promotion, etc. 
  • InVista offers training to managers on how to best use the test results to develop their employees.
    • Insight into ways to capitalize on certain aspects of personality and ways to compensate on areas of weakness to be more effective in the workplace.
    • Engage more effectively with co-workers and management.
    • Management consideration and results (in Candidate Report)
    • The Candidate Report gives insights on how employees pursue goals, do they take responsibility, do they prefer cooperation over competition, do they have a positive attitude toward job versus negative and cynical, do they adapt well to change, are they good at resolving conflict, are they open to others’ perspectives, are they goal oriented, do they prefer well-structured environments or do better with ambiguity, are they focused on building positive social relationships, how do they perform in crisis, and do they prefer to work alone or in a team.

With InVista, our personality assessment is based on the NEO, which has a rich history of being studied and verified in both research and applied settings.

How does it take for a person to complete the personality test?

It usually takes 30 minutes or less and is completed 100% online.  No preparation is needed by the employee or manager.  The link to the assessment is automatically sent out by the InVista platform.  Our online platform is called Connect2Vista.

Can an employee see the results of their personality test?

Yes.  The test results are formatted for interpretation by a hiring manager or HR specialist and presented in the Candidate Report. In addition, we can provide an Employee Feedback Report that contains essentially the same information, but presented in a way that is more easily interpretable by the employees about themselves. How you utilize these reports is up to you, but our recommendation is to provide the manager with the Candidate Report, the employee with the Employee Feedback Report, and use those tools to plan for the employee’s professional development. We also provide training around best practices for how to do this.

How can I use a personality assessment for succession planning?

A skills assessment may be your best basis to determine if your team has the skills in-house currently as you strategize succession planning.  However, the InVista personality assessment can play a role alongside your skills audit to see if someone could be effective in a leadership role. 

What is performance management?

It is a process of how you measure and manage human performance.  This can include performance rating scales, how to motivate employees, goal setting, team feedback, etc. 

What is the definition of leadership?

Leadership is typically defined as the accomplishment of goals or outcomes through the direction of teams or groups of individuals. However, there is much more to it than that, and identifying what successful leadership looks like, training people to be effective leaders, and finding people who are likely to be good leaders can be quite difficult.  InVista solutions can help you hire the right people and start to develop your current employees so they can evolve into future leaders in your company. 

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