The importance of employee wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing has taken on new levels of importance as employees grapple with work and personal challenges resulting from a global pandemic, widespread economic uncertainty, and concerns about family safety and personal health.

These stressors are taking a toll on your employees–
and on your business.

A business cannot thrive if its employees are struggling

InVista’s wellbeing assessment helps your employees by identifying their biggest challenges and helping you find ways to support them now.

InVista’s approach to measuring employee wellbeing combines our organizational development expertise with 42 years of assessment experience. The result is a clear picture of your employees’ current emotional and professional needs, along with solutions.

Our confidential questionnaire uncovers insights about:

• Work-related stress
• Coping mechanisms
• Emotional wellbeing

• Lifestyle stressors
• Organizational support
• Burnout

Knowing more about your employees will help you make smarter business decisions about company resources and employee support systems.

Partner with InVista today for employee wellbeing solutions that will help increase employee engagement, reduce burnout, and create a solid foundation for your business to grow.

Why use an employee
wellbeing program?

The wellbeing of your employees impacts your business on both a financial and personnel level.

Mental health issues cost the global economy about $1 trillion a year in lost productivity, according to the

World Health Organization.

As one of the leading causes of disability worldwide, mental health issues cut across age groups, careers, and income levels.

Events taking place both in and out of the office—from personal  issues to global pandemics—make their way into your employees’ workdays.

According to Harvard Business Review, “Leaders are likely to see employees struggle with anxiety, depression, burnout, trauma, and  PTSD” in growing numbers.

The role of leaders is to support their teams, which includes supporting their mental health and wellbeing.

When employees are struggling with their mental health, their work may suffer, they’ll be less engaged, and they are more likely to leave, increasing turnover.

Many global firms have stepped up their attention and action around employee mental health, implementing evaluation, education, and peer-to-peer support programs.

Positive steps could start as simply as allowing the use of sick days for mental health needs. It is also important to shift company culture to reduce the stigma of stress, anxiety, and depression and facilitate conversations.

An effective approach to employee wellbeing can promote better productivity, retention, and morale. Your first step is to assess employees’ wellbeing with a proven method of measurement.

How do you measure
employee wellbeing?

Many companies struggle with how to evaluate employee wellbeing.

They may rely on quick pulse checks, informal conversations, reviews of absenteeism, or use of wellbeing offerings. While well-intentioned, these measures don’t get to the crux of the problem.

Employee wellbeing is a very sensitive topic, and it’s difficult for organizations to know what they can—and can’t—ask and how to ask it in a way that will get honest, open responses. If you don’t get it right, you could do more harm than good. Then there’s the added pressure for organizations to act now to prevent employees from reaching a point of burnout.

Don’t go it alone

InVista Insights takes the guesswork out of measuring employee wellbeing.

Backed by 40 years of psychological expertise and driven by PhD-level I/O specialists, no other organization can offer the combination of HR and assessment expertise that is the core of InVista.

Survey assessment

This is about the quality and breadth of our measure.
Other providers don’t delve into the emotional/psychological components of wellbeing because they don’t know how to do it effectively and appropriately for the work setting.


Once your employees take a survey, what’s next?
InVista knows that gathering data is just the beginning. We then take those data and provide you with insights. Combining our I/O and clinical expertise, we understand what employees are struggling with at a deeper level than simply “feeling overwhelmed” or “lacking work–life balance.” We work to discover the origins of problems (e.g., organizational culture, manager relationships, workload, coping skills), which then tells us how to solve it.


This is where InVista stands apart.
We go beyond surveys and analytics by leveraging science and research that allows us to offer proven solutions that can be put into action. From managing stress and anxiety to enhancing professional wellbeing, we ensure that organizations are investing in the right programs and resources.

Employee wellbeing is here to stay

Even without the added stress of a global pandemic, the emotional wellbeing of your staff is paramount to keeping your business performing at its peak.

Your employees want to make meaningful contributions—help them help you with employee wellbeing solutions from InVista.