The importance of employee wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing has taken on new levels of importance as employees grapple with work and personal challenges resulting from a global pandemic, widespread economic uncertainty, and concerns about family safety and personal health.

These stressors could be taking a toll on your employees – and on your business.


A business cannot thrive if its employees are struggling

InVista combines organization development experience with 42 years of assessment expertise to give you a clear picture of your employees’ current wellbeing. Our confidential questionnaire provides insights about:

  • Work Stress
  • Coping Mechanisms
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Life Stress
  • Organizational Support
  • Business Impact

Knowing more about the overall emotional health of your employees will help you make decisions about resources and supports. Partnering with InVista can help you increase engagement, reduce burnout, and create a solid foundation for your business.


Why employees wellbeing matters 

  • Mental health concerns lead to 105 billion each year in lost productivity and 35 million lost workdays*. 

  • Only 7% of companies have a way to gauge the mental health of their employees.**
  • Only 18% of managers are well-trained to recognize employee stress or are able to guide employees who are suffering from stress.**

*Business Insider, 2012.

**HR Research Institute. The State of Mental Health and Stress in the Workplace.