Individual Contributor

The individual contributor solution measures attributes related to specific competencies such as managing time; handling multiple demands and competing deadlines; identifying project goals, developing plans, estimating time frames, and monitoring progress; articulating ideas clearly; and collaborating effectively.

​This solution is useful for positions that require an emphasis on independent work, including consultants, software programmers, engineers, financial analysts, research associates, and marketing representatives.

​The individual contributor solution provides candidate evaluation in five areas associated with working independently: achievement, analytical thinking, autonomy, concern for others, and persistence.

Purpose: measures skills associated with working independently

Use with: consultants, engineers, software programmers, analysts, marketing representatives

Time: 30 minutes

Measures: personality, attitudes, biographical data, situational judgment

Also available!

The InVista Small/Medium Business Retail and Customer Service solution evaluates personality and work values in just 20 minutes!

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