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Solutions for every step of the employee lifecycle

Drawing from our gold-standard assessment tools, we develop tailored solutions for your organization using an objective, practical, and data-driven approach to create powerful, insightful talent assessments.

InVista talent assessment tools:

“…accurately target task performance, overall job performance, and a range of specific contextual performance such as interpersonal facilitation and job dedication.”

—International Journal of Selection and Assessment

Our core services: Select. Retain. Develop.

InVista offers talent assessment solutions that help organizations make better hiring decisions, retain more talent, and develop the right leaders from within your organization.

Pre-Hire Assessments

We know that matching a candidate to a role that fits is good for them and for your company. InVista can take you beyond the resume to understand candidates at a deeper level and ensure that they are compatible with your role, your team, and your company’s culture.

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Talent Retention

InVista offers Retention Analytics to help your organization cut through the noise and identify real leading indicators of turnover, arming your executive team with a tactical plan to retain more of your talent.

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Talent Development

Looking to develop talent from within? Our advanced solutions allow you to identify hidden potential in the staff you already have. Find out who is ready—and able—to develop and grow.



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Measuring what really matters

Talent assessments tailored to your needs, backed by science.

Our talent assessment methodology is founded in industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology to help inform your business based on factors that drive motivation, productivity, and satisfaction.

 Using these cornerstones, we’ve developed ready-to-launch talent assessment solutions to help you immediately start measuring competencies for specialized functions such as sales, customer service, retail, individual contributors, and management.

 We can also tailor our assessments to meet any role at any level. Backed by decades of psychometric expertise, the InVista team can measure virtually any competency, skill, or knowledge domain relevant to your business.

Provide a positive experience

Even the best designed solution won’t help if it frustrates the user. Insightful, scientific analysis and tailored solutions only work well with an efficient, organized, and intuitive platform.

 We spent more than a year researching and developing a platform that puts the user first to ensure that all parties involved—recruiters, HR professionals, and candidates—have a positive testing experience.

 It all starts by simply sending an e-mail to the candidate with a link to the selected assessment. The recipient can complete the mobile-enabled assessment on a computer, tablet, or smart phone at any time, 24/7.

Detailed assessment reports

All InVista solutions offer in-depth reports featuring detailed feedback, hiring recommendations, score interpretations, and developmental plans. You’ll also receive structured interview questions that can help streamline your interview process.


Candidate assessment is the single greatest source of talent ROI. A bad hire can cost 30% of an employee’s first-year salary in terms of performance alone.

 InVista’s scientifically based solutions continually fine-tune assessment outcomes to produce highly predictive results and drive positive ROI metrics.

Training & Support

When you work with InVista, you’ll get service you’d expect from a partner. We provide comprehensive platform instruction and detailed training, including recorded sessions for additional instruction, plus ongoing guidance and technical support.

With InVista, you’ll enjoy a partnership that lasts the life of the relationship—from implementation to training and beyond.

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