A legacy
of success

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The PAR Story

PAR was founded in 1978 by R. Bob Smith, PhD, and his wife, Cathy, to fill a void in the development and distribution of psychological assessment instruments. In 1984, the company acquired the rights to the Self-Directed Search, an innovative career inventory that helps match users to jobs where they are most likely to be satisfied.

​PAR tools have been used for decades to assist psychologists, counselors, and educators around the world help their clients live happier, more productive lives. Our instruments have been used to screen MENSA applicants, and we are currently the largest assessment provider for the U.S. military.

​Since PAR was founded, its managers have used talent assessment tools like the SDS and the NEO to gather information about job candidates to help them make informed hiring decisions. We know it’s vital to find employees who have the skills and abilities to do the job well—but we also know the importance of finding employees whose working styles, work values, and personalities match our company culture.

“Customer satisfaction is our
most important product”

We are so confident in the accuracy and predictive power of these tests that we continue to use them with all new hires.

After years of experience helping professionals—and success in using these instruments in our own hiring process—we sought to find a way to bring these tools to companies like yours.

InVista is the result of years of planning, preparation, and production—and our talent experts are here to help you find the tools to measure what matters for your company.

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